About Me

Who is Randy

Pens By Randy is a family run operation. Randy has enjoyed woodworking and magic (more about this in a minute) his entire life and has created everything from fine furniture to little wooden crafts and decorations. Having also enjoyed turning projects on his lathe, he recently started turning pens and fell in love with it.

Married for more than 35 years, he and his wife live in Michigan where they have raised three beautiful daughters who are currently attending college and working.  They also have 2 dogs, a lab and a boxer.  Randy and his wife have enjoyed doing all sorts of crafts for years.



Randy also is a professional magician.  He has been performing for thousands of men, women and children since 2001.  If you might be interested in having him perform a magic show for your club or group, or a childs birthday, please check out his other web site,

Randy Craven Magic web sitewww.RandyCravenMagic.com